Flow Era is a concept clothing brand that seeks to inspire a flow of life rather than rushing through life into death. Flow Era explores spiritual “balanced” themes through art and clothing. Graphics are of 3Patch’s oil and watercolor paintings that are transferred to clothing via a Direct to Film process. All shirt material is hand bleached and hand tie dyed. Everything we do is a creative process and no one clothing item is like another. Our bleached processes on the base shirt make it so each individual clothing item is unique and different, just like people.
Flow Era is derived from the word “flower” which to us symbolizes beautiful growth. The word “Flower” split up in two is “Flow” and “Er”, add an “a” to the end of “Er” and you’ve got Flow Era. Flowing through life conscious of your time and the impact you’re leaving on the world. We seek to inspire.
All prints are images of 3Patch’s paintings. 3Patch’s work seeks to find a balance within itself and extend outward to help and aid others through their journey. Inspired by spirituality, life experience, openness, and a questioning of beliefs. Sometimes, in the paintings multiple canvases will be stapled together that gives the artwork and prints unique shapes; this is a connecting of ideas onto canvas. All prints are printed in house and cut onto thick matte photo quality paper.