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I found art to escape the confusion and pain I felt when I was a younger adult. I started painting when I was 18 and have not stopped since. With my paintings I seek to display balance and duality to show the good and bad, light and dark, sun and moon, of life. The concept of duality has grounded me throughout life. Knowing that things won’t forever be good, and things won't forever be bad. You cannot have one without the other. I’ve always been interested in fashion design, and it was always in my mind to pursue bringing my art into fashion and starting my own brand. The brand that emerged was Flow Era. Inspiring others to “Stay Balanced”. In everything Flow Era does, I believe in promoting balance by being of unique individuality. Flow Era aspires to help others keep balance in life through handmade, uniquely designed, one of one artistic creations that inspire. Flow Era art and clothing is a unique expression of balance within self-individuality, being "Uniquely You" and owning your own personal uniqueness. This means I handmake and design each clothing piece to be a unique one of one art piece, unlike any others. Good intentions, energy, and passion are gathered to create each piece, in hopes to inspire and remind others to stay balanced and flow in life, knowing that things are always changing.